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After reception of the grapes and destemming, this is the process in which the alcoholic fermentation of the musts is always carried out in the presence of the solid parts obtained (skins, seeds and eventually the stalks), so that the coloring matter, tannins and aromatic compounds contained in said solid parts and, in particular, in the skin of...



In French, terroir refers to a limited area of land considered from the point of view of its suitability for agriculture and, in particular, for wine production. For example, it is called vin du terroir to a wine whose particular taste, perfume and flavor are due to the nature of the soil of the place where the vine that gave...



In wine production, this operation consists of emptying a vat of macerated grapes of their liquid phase during fermentation, separating them from their solid phase, that is, from the skin of the fruit.

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São basicamente tanques em concreto, cimento com características excepcionais para a fermentação e produção de vinho.



The most traditional use for the clay pot is water or wine. Thanks to its porous structure, as in amphorae, it allows the wine to oxidize at a slow but constant speed in order to intensify more aromas and flavors.



These are clay vessels used for the fermentation of grapes. This process dates back to ancient Rome and the Carthaginians. It is a technique to produce more natural wines that is usually used in a first stage of the process.